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Questions and Comments about Articles / Re: Link on where to buy Silvertron Kit
« Last post by kephra on March 20, 2018, 01:03:13 PM »

The store does not ship directly to the Philippines, you would have to go through a reshipper like*

Also, your country is currently blocked at my server, but I will unblock it for you for one week.

* There are others, so shop around for best deal.
Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal production questions
« Last post by Josie29 on March 20, 2018, 12:16:12 PM »
Just clicked on it!

Now I really 'love' that BS meter!!  Too cool!
Questions and Comments about Articles / Link on where to buy Silvertron Kit
« Last post by rcauinian on March 20, 2018, 04:27:59 AM »

I'm just new here and been trying to search where to buy the Silvertron Kit.
Been clicking the link on Silvertrone Store but the site say's Forbidden and I don't
have permission to access the server.

Any link where I can buy this product and ship to the Philippines.


Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal Silver testing and verification
« Last post by kephra on March 19, 2018, 08:00:14 AM »
If you want to spend a lot of money on testing (and you will), find a lab that can do electron microscope testing of particle size.  This is the most important parameter.  AFAIK, only one person on this forum has bought this kind of lab testing.  Its unnecessary as you would know if you studied the materials on this site.

If you make it correctly, you already know what's in it, and you already know the approximate particle size by its plasmon resonance. 
Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal Silver testing and verification
« Last post by Barook on March 19, 2018, 02:48:39 AM »
 :) Hello and thanks for commenting / sharing.

I agree with you in many regards and I'll say I have much ground to cover before I truly feel prepared for such an endeavor. I am just broadening my horizons in reference to the colloidal silver community and current state of affairs (objectively as possible).

I am a firm believer, huge fan, and patient warrior of colloidal silver and know that there is quite the societal remodeling job going on. (no its not a war but this is a convoluted and separate conversation :P ) And on this matter of course I don't intend to sell it as a medical or supplement... pssh! Its a topical health and beauty toner. Its and its not for sensitive skin and 0 claims. ;) ;) ... am i right, am I riiight? Build it and they will come! But this is not the direction I was intending to discuss with my original post...

I appreciate the politeness and friendliness and for that you have been generous in my view so again thanks for sharing. I do not feel very heard by you, however. I am asking about tests in relation to basic fundamental facts. To state. To double or triple check upon. To verify this product is what you say it is. And this group agrees. *SHOW BLING*

This most likely could be a footing or cornerstone of most conversations concerning this colloidal silver that i am theoretically promoting/selling. With what seems to be the majority in relation to humans - at least in my lil'ol'neck of the woods.

I was seeking this topic so to speak to address those of you whom I respect and revere in terms of colloidal silver exp and practice. Yall are the die hards and the pros! mmhm.

What do you think is valuable in terms of 'verifiable' characteristics??
I guess what I'm asking is what are the important characteristics of a high quality true colloidal silver solution?
(((Is it in these in top to bottom order: Particle size, particle concentration, purity or percentage of silver colloids compared to salts/oxides/impurities etc, and lastly concentration of silver ions?)))

*edited for clarity right after posting

Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal Silver testing and verification
« Last post by Dean on March 18, 2018, 04:59:10 AM »
Hi Barook,

Ok, so the first thing I have to say is....
You and the rest of colloidal silver community!!!

I note this is your first post so not sure what history/experience you have with making colloidal silver as of now. If you could fill us in on a bit of history there, it will help us to understand what you do or don’t know at this point.

Also, if you do have experience, what does it extend to.
You will likely find that this thing will grow on its own over a period of time.
I wouldn’t sell it either. At least not straight away. If you use it on yourself and it works then offer to your friends / family and let them judge for themselves.
If it works for them, then you have a “confident customer”.
Every time they come down with the same problem, they’ll be contacting you!

After a time, you can broach the subject about cost, they may even be so happy that they say to you, “You must take something for this” !

Regarding your thoughts on “getting it verified” for the most part, you’ll be demonstrating that through you’re
own understanding and conveying it those with whom you interact and discuss it with.

I can direct you to a post by PeterXXL that is propably has the most comprehensive set of lab / test results but they relate to his setup/his knowledge/his processes. So whilst this does go a long way to “verifying outcomes” certainly wouldn’t prove that yours would as well because your setup / due diligence and processes may vary.

The other reason you can’t readily find certification for it is that it can’t be legally sold for medicinal purposes.
It can only be sold as a supplement. The fact that this is BS has nothing to do with what it can actually do is irrelevant.

There is plenty of evidence to show that it does. But again, irrelevant to those who are sceptical or who have been told otherwise or just generally have a different belief.

Your comments on what is necessary to check from a production / “retail” point of view gives me a sense that there is a fair bit that you must get to grips with (please feel free to correct me if I’m wrong) so now that your here, please don’t be put off by what I’ve mentioned, this is just an objective response to what you’ve presented.

There are not many “checks” you need to within production to ensure your results are top notch.
But, you’ll only appreciate that once you’ve taken in a lot of what’s presented in these forum posts.

Everyone’s setup is potentially different which has the opportunity to help or hinder your process. Yes there are checks you can make, but it will mostly come from comparisons to eveyones experiences here.

So my friend, take a deep breath, and start reading....and read....and .....(you get the idea)

You’ll get plenty of assistance, but there’s no “silver bullet” (pun intended)  ;D
Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Colloidal production questions
« Last post by nano-silver on March 17, 2018, 10:54:34 PM »
BS - meter  ;D ;D
Colloidal Silver Production / Colloidal Silver testing and verification
« Last post by Barook on March 17, 2018, 09:06:36 PM »
Hi there comrades. I am thinking to try and off hand sell some colloidal silver locally (tiny scale mainly just hobby level to friends and family or at the most locally as a side income) annnnnnnnnnnnd so it must be marketable!... kinda.

You and I are here and definitely know some of the key notes to look for but for those who know hardly anything of colloidal silver its harder to be comfortable - especially with a crack pot like me telling them all its ins and out and magical benefits. And to my friends and community, my reputation isn't really that reasurring or reaffirming.

Nevertheless I'm looking for backup. The scientific proof kind. I would LOVE to hear your experiences and recommendations when it comes to 3rd party verification and testing.

I've got pure silver and a note to prove it.
Now what about PPM and true colloidal suspension. Is it wise to go ahead and pH test every batch for the market place?
Does anyone have any labs or friends with fancy stamp aka a good official rep?
Is there any other thing that I should test for in terms of colloidal silver and internal / ext use? --like maybe silver salts or silver oxide levels?
Should I test any thing on the distilled water I'm using to produce it?

The goal here, again, is 'build it' so they will come. Let the product speak for itself. etc.

Thanks so much in advance for any of you that might chirp or chime in.

Colloidal Silver Production / Re: TDM Reading
« Last post by Dean on March 17, 2018, 04:44:45 PM »

I add electrolyte at room temp and check TDS at the same time.
I start cell at about 30c.

40ppm I let rise to 35/40c
320ppm I let rise to 70/75 by end of the run.
 Time to bring this post by Art back to the top.  There is so much information that non members should really join to get the real facts and help they need.  Colloidal silver/silver nanoparticals (AgNP) is a miracle waiting to happen to you. And very inexpensive if you make it your self!

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