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Good luck getting your back cleared up Bobby.

My physiotherapist is a back specialist. He did his university thesis on how often people need back surgery when a doctor recommends it. Turns out that 15% of the time people need back surgery and 85% of the time his physiotherapy fixes it.

The last time my back had me totally crippled my doctor told me he was sending me to a back surgeon. It took 6 months to get me an appointment though. By then my physiotherapist had my back fixed to the point that the surgeon didn't feel he had to do anything as I was recovering without it. I was very relieved to hear that.
  Thanks for asking Cher.  I made the 65 mile round trip yesterday and the doc was quit upset that I waited so long.  But I was unable to walk to the car. But we got there.  I got 2 toradol shots which works pretty fast.  I could actually walk out almost upright without limping.  But 24 hours later the benefits are about gone! 

 Had some troubles ordering the gold chloride last week but that’s what I get for trying to do something while in pain with not much sleep. It should be here in a couple days.  I will y’all know when I get it started. 

How's your back doing Bobby?
This is why the big pharma don´t want people to know.
Wow! That's fantastic! Really great, but I worry about the underlying cause. If they return she should really have blood work done . Could be a type of lymphoma. Most GP's are just a clearinghouse for where you should go next, and then when you go to the next "specialist", you have to deal with ego. But for diagnostics, they are useful.
Yes awesome.  And it shows the power of real colloidal silver taken in effective doses.
I just wanted to pop in and tell you about about a success story I have recently experienced. I am a hairdresser and after passing my colloidal silver on to friends and family for varying ailments, I have started to confidently 'prescribe' it for my clients too. My salon is becoming a veritable Apothecary with my lotions and potions ( I have bee pollen as well - flippin' AMAZING stuff ) and so when a client came in looking like death warmed up, I took the liberty of enquiring in to her symptoms. (it's alright, they know what I'm like  :D) She lifted up her arms to reveal some terrible lumps and lesions in her armpits and across her midriff which are locations of large lymph node clusters. She said they had all broken out over several days, and some were red raw and very painful, she added that she felt physically wiped out. She had first been to the GP around 3 weeks before, and had just been prescribed the THIRD lot of antibiotics that morning, which she was reluctant to take because of all the other horrible side effects. She said her GP was not sure what her symptoms were a result of, and had put them down to stress. (what a cop out)  To me these boils and lesions looked like the Black Plague, but I didn't actually tell her that! I offered her a 500ml jar of gel-capped 320ppm and advised her to take 80ml throughout each day in drinks, until the 500ml had gone.  A week later she came to see me looking absolutely fabulous, and a new colloidal silver convert!  She told me that the lesions started visibly healing up within two days and continued on over the course of the week. She also, very quickly felt physically more energised, with all symptoms dispelled within 4 days. She actually took another 500ml so that she could continue the treatment for 3 more days to make sure whatever was in her was completely eradicated, and she says she now feels happy to know that she has got some left in her cupboard for any future ailments.
It never ceases to amaze me this lovely silver stuff. Before I could make my own, I would actually get quite anxious if my reserves got low. Now I can whip up batch after batch to my heart's content!  ;D
Colloidal Gold Production / Re: Suspending SilverTron overnight experiment
« Last post by Bobby on May 20, 2018, 05:18:48 AM »

  I was talking about my kitchen. Lol 😂  I can see you are very picky and want it as perfect as possible!  I admire that. It definitely passes a germaphobe/OCD’s inspection.  I like it.   :)

Colloidal Silver Production / Re: Using sodium bi-carbonate directly
« Last post by cfnisbet on May 20, 2018, 03:54:36 AM »
Now, the next interesting thing about this (for me) is the resultant pH of the distilled water after the electrolyte has been added to the distilled water ready for the electrolysis to start.

I will explain shortly.
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