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Title: SilverTron Elite v3 First Run
Post by: cfnisbet on December 01, 2017, 02:40:54 PM
Trial run of SilverTron Elite v3

These are photos of my first run with the Elite v3. For those considering the purchase of a SilverTron (and you should) this was the most uneventful and easy way I have ever made colloidal silver.

1. Purchase a 9V PSU of about 1.5A to 2A. In the UK, I suggest the Maplin L46BL which I use for all SilverTrons. It gives out a maximum of 2.250A at 9V with input voltage of 100-240V AC at 50-60Hz, so it can be directly plugged into a USA power socket if fitted with an adapter. If you use this PSU, you will also have to buy a separate power tip o/d 5.5mm i/d 2.1mm (which, typically, is the only one not supplied with the PSU). You will have to cut off the tip holder and resolder it, being VERY CAREFUL about the polarity (striped lead is positive). Before plugging it in for the first time, check again with a voltmeter that you have the correct polarity. Switch on the power.

2. There is a huge choice of water volume options, both US/Imperial and Metric. Use the UP/DOWN button to alter the option, then NEXT to change to the next parameter. Continue until the unit shows your choices. I used 15mA, 3 litres, 20ppm, and a 1-minute alert. Get the electrodes hooked up to the anode and cathode, put the electrolyte and capping agent into the water, and press START.

3. The second screen shows the target amperage (in case, like me, you are prone to forgetting) the running amperage, the running voltage and an (accurate) percentage estimate of how far the run has gone. Prepare to be bored - in the nicest possible way. There is absolutely nothing else to do, except press the SUSPEND button occasionally if you wish to fire-clean the anode. This can be necessary if you are making 320 ppm.

4. Sit there in contemplation or read a book until you jump out of your skin when the "finished" alarm goes off. Observe perfection in the form of the final product.

5. Gloat over your purchase. Sit smugly as you consider your wisdom in buying this unique, brilliant piece of electronics. Disconnect it and place it in a firesafe.

Step 5 is not wholly necessary.
Title: Re: SilverTron Elite v3 First Run
Post by: cfnisbet on December 01, 2017, 02:52:33 PM
For newcomers that do not know, I have no financial connection with the SilverTron Store.
Title: Re: SilverTron Elite v3 First Run
Post by: kephra on December 01, 2017, 03:38:58 PM
Note that all SilverTrons come with a power pack with US style plugs.  UK buyers either need an adapter for their mains connector, or a UK style power pack.
Title: Re: SilverTron Elite v3 First Run
Post by: Dean on January 21, 2018, 02:31:18 PM
I'll be posting a 40ppm production video in the near future with an in-depth guide to using the ST3 to go with it.
Still working through this but do watch this space.