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Made 2 batches. The first was clear and I thought looked perfect. The second I reduced and came out looking like baby shampoo. I was so excited. Stored both in a dark cool cabinet. Looked in the cabinet today and they both look exactly the same? Color is identical?! They were both 20ppm. Where did I go wrong? Could it be that straining the silver through a brown unbleached coffee filter before putting it in jars caused the problem? I also used chop sticks for stirring the electrolyte. Everything else I followed what I've read here. 

Silver is so easy to reduce that the slightest impurities in you storage bottle, or production flask will cause it to reduce.  Also fluorescent lighting or strong sunlight can cause reduction.

Made 2 batches 20ppm and 1, 30ppm, all 3 were ionic. Needed to use 5 drops of electrolyte to get any ma reading to show. (I first tried with just plain dw at cooler room temp.)
Woke up this morning and all have gone from clear to reduced?! I'm buying 2 different types of dw and alternating between the two to see if that's the problem. I'm rinsing my jars in a 50/50 blend of 91% alcohol and dw and then 3 full rinses in distilled water. They are as clean as I can possibly make them. What am I doing wrong? I'm becoming frustrated. I do not have a gas burning stove so I'm scrubbing my silver bar and wire. They are then washed the same way. I want ionic for topical applications. Mouthwash, nasal rinse and acne. 

And I stopped using the brown coffee filters. They did leave some color in a batch that I threw away. So, for now, it is all not being filtered.

If ionic is your end goal, do not use any electrolyte.  It will start very slow and take a long time, but it will stay ionic.  I am starting to believe that the electrolyte itself is causing some reduction.  Did you use Arm & Hammer washing soda, or did you use converted baking soda?


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