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1M Sodium Carbonate

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Please forgive my lack of scientific/measurement/conversion knowledge. 

I'm reading the instructions "An easy Way to Make Collodial Gold". 

It states the following in the footnotes:

2) To make 1M sodium carbonate, dissolve 3.7 grams of sodium carbonate in enough
distilled water to make 30ml.

Can i just use the same solution I made in the colloidal silver instructions where it states Mix one level tablespoon of this powder with 6 ounces of water.  Is this 1M also ?

Many, Many Thanks

Yes, but you will need twice as much.

So does that mean the electrolyte solution we made for colloidal silver was only 1/2 Molar ?  Thanks

The electrolyte for both colloidal silver and colloidal gold is 1 Molar sodium carbonate.
But for CG, as Kephra said, you need to use twice as much.

Thank you !!!  That cleared it up   :)


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