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I can arrange that :)


I just made a couple more gallons of colloidal silver using Silver Tron and thought of an additional feature that might be nice to be added onto the unit.  I would suggest either a LED light that comes on when the process is (nice calm blue) complete or a small buzzer that tones, so when you are in the other room surfing CGCSFORUM.COM you can have a heads up its done or watching tv you can glance over and see the LED completion light is on.  It's a lazy mans request but something I would find handy.  The unit is amazing and I just added my Silver Tron stickers to the unit giving it a little more pop for style points.   8)

I actually left pins on the circuit board for a piezoelectric beeper, but haven't been able to find one inexpensive enough and 5 volt to use.  I could put in an LED, but its just as well to turn the box on its side so you can see the screen from the other room.  The DONE screen is quite obvious I think.

Would this work?


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