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320ppm batch to make ...first time

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o okay so i need maltose as well - sorry i meant to mean the dextrose was used to replace the karo syrup

what kind of karo corn syrup ?
 i found some darker stuff that has a bunch of bad stuff in it sodium benzoate  caramel color flavor

the light stuff looks fine although it has vanilla in it

 will something like this work fine?

Thats the right Karo.

great thanks ill buy the light karo syrup and try again when i get my hotplate :D thanks for the help!

So finally got the karo syrup -
put in some distilled water gelatin- let sit for 5 mins ---

 heated - set for 15ma -  was having issues getting above 10 ( was hovering around 9 - i eventually got it though - raising the coppper above a bit and eventually the silver as well.. - after about a minute or so i got it and stable from 10-12

half way had the adjust  the copper down a bit

then random spots had to adjust again a few times to make sure it was between 10 and 20

pic or didnt happen is attached -  ill dilute and see wwhat i get - its to dark for me to tell if it is good or not.


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