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Deidre from Earth Clinic on the SilverTron Elite

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Carl m:
Hi Kephra. I have looked around for a generator and found out that you make the best one on the market. I would like to order a SilverTron Elite 3 or the latest version of your generator. For some reason I cannot access your store to order one. Could you please advice on how to proceed with a purchase.


You are probably in a country that I have blocked at my store server.  I block all countries except US, UK, AU, and CA.  I do this for 2 reasons.

1)  I was overrun by spammers and hackers from other countries.  This required a lot of time and effort to keep my sites clean.  Thats time I do not have.  I even block my own state of Pennsylvania so I do not have the added work of handling sales tax. 

2) I only ship direct to the aforementioned countries.  Other countries would have to go through a reshipper.

You can probably circumvent my server blocks by using a VPN.

Where is moderator??
It is about advertisement on your website.

I do not allow advertisements on this website.


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