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Cher Sherwood:
Oh, I am now realizing I haven't been clear on volts either then. So for 20 ppm uncapped as well as 320 ppm gelatine capped, we are aiming for 10 volts?

Minimum target voltage depends on electrode spacing.
Electrolyte depends on water volume.
Reducing agent depends on water volume and ppm (total amount of silver dispensed in water)

Cher Sherwood:
I'm so glad I'm clear on this now. For some reason I was aiming for about 16 volts with 320ppm.

This has also now brought up something I did when I very first started and it's a bit embarrassing to admit because it was such a dumb thing to do. In trying to figure out how to clean the electrodes with a blowtorch without burning myself, I lifted the electrode holder with the electrodes still in place and started cleaning the small silver rod...which of course got so hot it melted the perfect predrilled hole and now I can never be completely sure of spacing because it makes the electrode using that hole floppy. I know what you're thinking...ridiculous thing to do! It absolutely was and I have no excuse for not thinking about what would happen. So, now with understanding that spacing is so important and plays such an important role with voltage, I should probably drill 2 new holes in my lid so I have nice straight holes for spacing and the electrode doesn't move with the stirring, shouldn't I?

Ah, its just a flesh wound, its still usable.

I usually start my run around 16 volts for a 250 ml 320 ppm and don't have any problems.



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