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SilverTron 1 Software update


I added a feature to the SilverTron 1 starting with Ver 1.0d.

With this version, the settings for Ppm, Volume, and Current are saved to non-volatile memory when the START switch is pressed.  So it will remember your settings even when the power is turned off.  Once a run is started, the current can still be changed, but the saved value will not be modified.  Settings are only saved when the run is started.  This allows the user to always run at his favorite current setting, but changed the current when the run is started to calibrate the electrolyte.  For example, a person might like to run at 6 ma, but add enough electrolyte to get 12 ma.  So the run is started, then the current setting is run up to 14, and the electrolyte is adjusted to bring the current up to 12, then the current is reset to 6.

Previous versions can be updated if the unit is sent back.


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