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Any news?

Lol, I should have viewed "Unread" first. My notifications are getting trapped somewhere.

Screen Shots:

Actual screen width is 2.8 inches.

This is really random (bordering on trivial even) but is there an option on Font For the text?

Kephra, are these the new / different screens you were referring to ?
Do they give any flexibility or additional benefits from the original items ?


The improvements I see are a more granular progress bar & time remaining, both very nice!

These screens have a really crappy font system.  They do not do proportional spaced fonts.  My favorite font is Arial, but the Arial fonts in the screen cannot make a capital W, and some letters overlapped the ones beside.  So I had to choose the next best thing, fixed width Courier.  I was able to use Arial for the buttons, but not the rest of the text fields.  If you look at the word "ALERT" on the setup screen, when printed in Arial, it looked like "Al ERT", which I could not stand. 

Except for price, there is nothing better about them, but except for rendering fonts, they are just as good.  I do hope they are more reliable than the last batch of the original model.  I had failures right out of the box with the
ones I bought this year, but none from years past.  So I think I would not use those even if the supplier lowered the price substantially.  I think their quality control has gone down the tubes. 


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