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My 3 SilverTrons
« on: February 26, 2016, 07:04:46 AM »
Why to buy a SilverTron,

  This will be a little short introduction on the 3 SilverTrons I own. I started 2 years ago. Researching colloidal silver on the enternet. We'll I guess if you don't look you won't find the answers. But damn the right answers were VERY hard to find. It was a very confusing mass of lies and deceit.  Just to get your money. A and there is a lot of money out there to get. So hundreds of manufacturers starting getting their price of the pie! There was plenty to go around.

  But nobody new the science. I kept hearing all these conflicting methods and materials being used, that I got really lost. So I bought one. I figured I could figure it out once I got into it....WRONG!WRONG!WRONG! This man imp was to limited it was a Colloidal Master(JUNK)!  No I needed constant current to get the PPM right. WRONG AGAIN! This was the Silver Puppy.  With these machines, and I call them machines because they are in no way a colloidal silver generator.  They make turn you blue Ionic Silver and Silver Oxide.  There're is no science involved in making these machines, other than the science of making money.

   I have The SilverTron Elite v2, The SilverTron Jr and The SilverTron Mini.  Why all 3 you ask?? 

   1st these generators do exactly what they say the will do. 

   2nd these generators are backed with years of experience of electro chemistry. Do you even know what that means?  It is backed by SCIENCE WITH THE RIGHT ELECTRONIColloidal Silver TO GET THE JOB DONE!

   It is built by someone who has built electronics and use chemistry his whole life!  He just didn't read about it in a book and decided to get rich quick and build something with a lot of bells and whistles.

  With the SilverTron Elite v2 you get the Best that has ever been made?  Take a couple minutes to set up and you are off and running.  Results will be amazing and fast.  The generator tell you just what to do and there are practically no limits on how much you can make

  The SilverTron Jr has an analog meter for millieamps and you set it to 3 or 13 depending on what you want to make and what anode (large or small) you want to use. Very Simple to use. Pulse it can be run with no lose to quality on battery power when all the lights go out and people are getting sick.  I plove this one.

  The SilverTron Mini is the least expensive of the three, but it still has the advanced computer controlled circuitry in it that the Elite and the Jr has in them.

   The bottom line is you get exactly what you wanted from any on these models. And the famous any VERY IMPORTANT PPM will be what it is suppose to be without question.  You will never go away wondering if you got it right.  You, your friends and your family will be very pleased and thankful for your help and your concern!

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