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Title: My Review of Silver Tron Jr.
Post by: lordkarma on December 10, 2012, 07:55:21 PM
Here are my thoughts on the newest member of the Silver Tron line sold by the Silver Tron store.  Like a gleeful little child on Christmas I greedily grabbed my box off the counter and tore open the packing wrap to see the new Silver Tron Jr. created by Kephra.  (Early Christmas present from my wife .. how did she ever know I wanted one.. a little elf must have told her.) 
I honestly was surprised the project box was as big as it was & expected an internal battery compartment within but was pleasantly surprised that it had an external plug that creates a ton of flexibility for power sources.  This is one of the strongest features I believe for those who want to be prepared for all circumstances that uncertain times may present in this crazy world.  The Silver Tron Jr. can be run by a power supply that comes with the unit or via a set of leads that allows the user to interface with whatever power source he/she has available to him/her not dipping below 6 volts.  The power supply is interchangeable with the original Silver Tron 1.0 so if you own that unit you may use the same power supply freely.  This freedom to select whatever power is available to you is a great innovation that I believe no other unit on the market has available.  The unit has a analog meter that is large and easy to read.  Silver Tron Jr. has two settings to choose from a high setting which produces 14 milliamps and a low setting which restricts operation to 4 milliamps.  This feature is handy if you want to produce colloidal silver from a smaller anode such as silver wire you would select the low setting to not exceed the geometry of your anode or if you want to run a cold batch of ionic silver.  For the heavy lifters who like to "cook" in the fast lane the high setting allows you to maximize your large electrodes like the famous one ounce bullion bar.  The placement of the switch and its function is intuitively simple in my mind to remember, when the switch is in the up most position it is High (14 milliamps) and when it is down it is in the low (4 milliamps) setting.  Here I might mark the switch with a high or low indicator sticker but again its pretty straight forward.  My unit I added rubber feet to and since I received the prototype this may be a standard feature in the newer created models.  The ports for the electrode leads are well placed and again matched to the Silver Tron 1.0 in size and interchangeable.  This unit for the value and flexibility esp to a forum member certainly gives one alot to think about if you are trying to choose what kind of setup you to buy for yourself.  If someone was just getting into making colloidal silver and bought the cheapest method available such as a current limiting diode you still have to invest in a meter and gator clips and a piece of silver for an electrode, you quickly start approaching a similar cost so thus I think the Silver Tron Jr. gets an A+ for value as well.  The unit does not have an automated timer which would be an awesome feature to be built into the box if possible.  The only other thing I could think of sitting here looking at it would be to create a sticker that had production times calculated out for reference for both 4 mA and 14 mA runs & maybe a list of common other needed references that could be applied to the back of the unit to dress it up.  I tested my unit using both the power supply for the wall and a 6v lantern battery & in both cases it made beautiful colloidal silver.  A standard 6V lantern battery or 4 D batteries connected together make a super long lasting power source for someone off the grid.  "A 6 volt lantern battery has a capacity of 11000 milliampere hours or 660000 ma-minutes. It takes 300 ma-minutes of power to make 1 liter of 20 ppm colloidal silver.  So, if my math is right, 660000/300 gives 2200 liters of colloidal silver, and the Silvertron Jr uses 1 ma to run its circuitry so a conservative number would be 1500 liters using the low current setting."  That is just one lantern battery!  The units internal configuration I believe was tested up to the low 30 volt range which leaves alot of flexibility to play around with.  (motor cycle or car battery anyone?) 
So in conclusion...
Great Value
Flexible Power Source
Intuitive design
Standardized with other Silver Tron Products

Doesn't do real time calculus  ::)
You have to manually calculate your own run times - no automated or manual timer.
Does not make breakfast for you in the morning.

Over all Rating: A++
Really nothing to complain about at all... another awesome product. 

Check out the pictures below of my first 6v lantern battery run!

Next I will see how the wife does with this I am betting she'll like it.

Thanks Kephra enjoyed this one as much as the first... and on some level maybe a little more due to the variable power options.


Title: Re: My Review of Silver Tron Jr.
Post by: kephra on December 11, 2012, 09:33:14 AM
I honestly was surprised the project box was as big as it was
I actually had that case made for the SilverTron 1, which has bigger components inside, but I don't want to have two different size cases made.

Eventually, I will make an instruction book with tables and techniques for it.
Title: Re: My Review of Silver Tron Jr.
Post by: lordkarma on December 11, 2012, 09:50:58 AM
Hey while you are at it make sure it makes french toast.  ;D
Title: Re: My Review of Silver Tron Jr.
Post by: kephra on December 11, 2012, 09:56:48 AM
You just have to know how to hook up the electrodes :)
Title: Re: My Review of Silver Tron Jr.
Post by: cfnisbet on December 11, 2012, 04:58:36 PM
Shouldn't this review be in the "Reviews" section of the website. Sorry, just being pedantic.
Title: Re: My Review of Silver Tron Jr.
Post by: kephra on December 11, 2012, 05:19:39 PM
Yes, good idea.  I shall move it.