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Half Life Of Silver
« on: June 08, 2016, 04:16:49 PM »
Eight years ago, there was not much information about the half life of silver in the human body.  I managed to find data from the EPA which indicated the half-life was about 8 days for small amounts of silver ingested or absorbed from the environment, such as experienced by silver miners. 

Today, there are more data from experiments done with rats, and at least one human study which shows other half-life times. 

Data collected from burn victims treated with silver by dermal application for instance shows a half life of 46 days1.  This data shows the results based on low levels of silver in the blood, less than 1 ppm.  It should also be noted that these patients may have suffered general organ malfunction due to their burns which may influence the results.

Data from lab rats also showed a long half-life for silver in the blood with an average of 77 days2.  This was true for both 10nm particles and 25nm particles.  Note that the dosages in this experiment were 100mg and 500mg per kg of body weight, a huge amount of silver.

Yet another experiment with lab rats done by the FDA showed a completely different result.  It showed a half-life on the order of about 1 or 2 days.3.  This test was done with orally administered silver nanoparticles.

So depending on the experiment, we get widely different answers: 1 day, 8 days, 46 days, and 77 days. 

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