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Grey silver??

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I have made several batches of colloidal silver with my SilverTron Jr and it has been great!!! Today I started a  batch and it is GRAY the whole quart jar is cloudy grey.. what did I do wrong???

Did you add the electrolyte before the electrolysis?
Did you make up a new batch of electrolyte?
Did you time it correctly?
Was the meter correct? (mA or Volts)
Did you use pure distilled water?

I used a distilled water that I had used a few weeks ago.. the electrolyte is old, maybe 2 months, does it go bad??  I made new reducing agent.   My volt meter was up above the 20 and closer to 30. 

another dumb question.  I have the bullion and a silver rod( what you sent in my order)  When I use it on high the meter is closer to 30 and I cannot get it to get lower, when I use it on low power it is at 20.  I want to make several  batches so I am wanting to use it on high power and according to directions since I have a bullion I can even tho I don't have a heat source or stirrer, correct??  What happens when the meter is higher than 20??


--- Quote ---What happens when the meter is higher than 20??
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Usually nothing bad happens IF the voltage is dropping when you insert your negative electrode.  If the voltage does not drop from the reading when the electrode is not connected, then you can't be sure that the current regulator is actually functioning.  It is quite normal and expected that the voltage will be higher on the 'High' setting.

Electrolyte does not go bad.  Mine is over a year old and still works the same as when I mixed it.

My first thought is that you didn't use enough electrolyte.  The electrolyte does three things.  It keeps silver from plating onto the negative electrode which produces fine silver dust that will make your solution grayish.  It provides conductivity which lowers the cell voltage.  It activates the reducing agent.

With the right amount of electrolyte, you should be able to get a voltage between 10 and 20.

Also, if you are not using a stirrer, it would be a good idea to heat your water before you start.

Is there any way you could post a picture?


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