Author Topic: Just got my SilverTron Jr. v.3 in.  (Read 1863 times)

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Just got my SilverTron Jr. v.3 in.
« on: December 19, 2016, 08:22:43 PM »

  I am very pleased with yet another outstanding product from your company.  The SilverTron Jr. v3 makes perfect colloidal silver just like the SilverTron Jr. v2, the SilverTron Elite and the SilverTron Mini.  But then again why wouldn't it!

  I put all 4 of them side by side and ran one batch each of 500ml 20 ppm colloidal silver with Karo at 80*F.  They all came out exactly the same!  Johnson's baby shampoo yellow with no cloudiness or taste.  PERFECT!

  If anyone is interested in making their own colloidal silver, having the confidence that they just made the best colloidal silver that can be made at home, then a SilverTron is what you need.  Plus it only costs you pennies per ounce to make!

 In fact I believe you can not not purchase any bottled colloidal silver anywhere that compares with what you can produce at home with a SilverTron.  And I have tried a lot of of the shelf so called colloidal silver.  That stuff you buy for the most part is ionic silver oxide that is unsafe to consume.

  I love my SilverTrons!

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