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Making silver bearing creams


This information was provided by member Stagno with permission. 

To make 100ml of cream I use 30g of oil of your choosing (cocoa butter,jojoba oil,shea butter,olive oil are all good choices,any will do depending on your preference) 5g of beeswax 1g of lecithin & 1g of borax (these are the emulsifiers) and then top up to 100ml with colloidal silver (63g).

Melt all the oils beeswax and the lecithin together in a bain marie1,but don't heat over 80 C,once they are all melted heat up the colloidal silver to a similar temp (I usually heat it a little less) and dissolve in the borax,once it is dissolved (takes about 10secs)slowly pour the oil into the colloidal silver whilst whisking (I find a small coffee frother works great) and keep mixing for about 5mins. Leave to cool and then pop it in the fridge overnight to set and voila there you have it. I usually add 1 drop of tea tree & 1 drop of lavender essential oils too.

Now when I first started to make this cream I used colloidal silver,but found that it sometimes turned red once I dissolved in the borax which I assume was agglomeration of the particles to a larger size,so I tried it with IS instead which remained clear. Now I don't know if there is any reaction with the ionic silver to silver borate (if that is possible I don't know),but what I do know is that it works incredibly well for all sorts of skin conditions (rashes,sores,infections,spots,cold sores,tattoo aftercare etc.) I've made a lot of this and given it to lots of people and the feedback has been amazing.

Like I say experiment with different oils to see which ones you like best. Happy experimenting.

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