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Forum Rules
« on: November 08, 2012, 08:51:22 AM »
In order to promote a peaceful and fun forum atmosphere, the follow rules are in place. 

1.  No spamming!!.  Advertising fake handbags, other websites, all things not related to colloidal silver and gold will get you banned with no warning.  Don't do it!

2.  No foul language is permitted.

3.  Treat your fellow forumites with respect.

4.  No violating copyrights.

5.  You may not advocate illegal activities

6.  Only one account per person, and one account per IP address.  If you have another family member who wishes to register, PM Kephra first, as the IP address of each poster is recorded.

7.  Humor is allowed and appreciated.

8. Duplicate posts are not allowed.  Duplicate posts will be removed.
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