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An Easy Way To Make Colloidal Gold
« on: November 03, 2012, 01:25:31 PM »

An Easy Way To Make Colloidal Gold

Copyright  Aug 8, 2011 Updated Jun 24, 2012

This is another way to make colloidal gold for home use.  It is similar to the Turkevich method except for the reducing agent.  This method is faster, and can be done without having a hotplate/magnetic stirrer.  This formula is for 250ml of 50ppm colloidal gold.  Of course, it can be scaled to make other amounts.

Stirring is important in minimizing the amount of large particles and making the particle size more uniform.  However, this formula seems to produce fairly good colloidal gold with less stirring required.

You need:
    1)  Gold Chloride 1% solution (10mg gold per milliliter)1
    2)  Maltodextrin powder
    3) Sodium Carbonate Solution, 1M strength2 (Commonly known as washing soda -- NOT baking soda)
    4) Beaker or flask
    5) Stirring rod
    6) Distilled water..

    1)  Mix 1M Sodium Carbonate solution if you don't have it already.
    2)  Put 1/2 level teaspoon  of maltodextrin powder in a flask3.
    3)  Put 250 ml of distilled water in the flask
    4)  Heat to boiling (microwave is ok)
    5)  Add 1.25 ml of 1% gold chloride solution to the water (or the amount which supplies 12.5 milligrams GOLD content!)   
    6)  Add 10 drops of 1M sodium carbonate solution, while stirring.
    7)  Reheat to boiling again.
    8)  Allow to stand until color change to ruby red is complete.  If you have a stirrer, use it.  Expect 5 to 10 minutes for completion.


1) Gold chloride from Salt Lake Metals contains 10mg pure gold per milliliter.  1% gold chloride from other vendors may have less gold, as they may include the weight of the chloride content.
2) To make 1M sodium carbonate, dissolve 3.7 grams of sodium carbonate in enough distilled water to make 30ml.
3) This is an excess, but is done to insure that there is no gold chloride left in the final product.

Colloidal Silver is only a bargain if you make it yourself.