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SilverTron Elite v. 4


I have an idea for the next version, the SilverTron Elite v. 4!

Considering that Dr. Becker passed on and apparently no one picked up the baton, what about adding a SilverTron mode that provides an adjustable low voltage output for wound care? Finding an appropriate material for the anode might be a challenge, but there must be something out there.

Thanks for the idea, but I really doubt there will be a SilverTron V4. 
I'm 72 years old, tired, and frankly drained.  I don't have it in me to do another version.  I am seriously considering stopping production of the SilverTrons, as there are other things I want to do with my remaining time.

Also, I really doubt that Becker's system worked the way he thinks it did.

For one, it takes a minimum of 0.8 volts to create a silver ion from silver metal. 

Second, he thought that the minimum voltage depended on the surface area of the anode.  If it worked as described, the effect would have been dependent on current vs area, not voltage.

Assuming Becker actually got the results he claimed (I believe he did), then it was probably due to some other effect.  Perhaps he was activating or amplifying the morphogen(et)ic field.  Once you delve into morphogenics, you have left the fields of chemistry, physics, and electronics.

You may think that your physical characteristics were determined by your genetic code, but I have come to the conclusion that this is false.  Genes only code proteins.  True, defective genes lead to defective or missing proteins and thus affect the health of an individual, but they do not make a person resemble his parents.  My hunch is that a persons morphogenic field is fixed at conception from the combined morphogenic fields of the parents.

Kirlian photography has shown that a field exists even for a missing limb or part of a body.  A leaf from a tree cut in half shows the entire leaf when photographed with Kirlian photography.  A man with a missing leg shows the field from the missing leg with Kirlian photography. 

But, I digress.....

A digression, but interesting all the same. So sorry to hear that you're feeling drained. 72 is a respectable age, but may your remaining time be long & fruitful.

I have not seen the source documents, but I have heard that scientists in Korea developed the technology to measure the fields referenced in Traditional Chinese Medicine & the like. There's a lot out there we don't understand.

If you decide to stop production, have you considered selling your SilverTron design(s) to some enterprising entrepreneur?


--- Quote ---If you decide to stop production, have you considered selling your SilverTron design(s) to some enterprising entrepreneur?
--- End quote ---
I might do that.  A couple people already approached me about that.


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