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320ppm batch to make ...first time

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Hello I'm looking to try and eventually make 320ppm
So I don't have to take 4 cups of water of 20ppm a day

I was thinking to start with 100ml of water and I have a Silverton...ive got dextrose and used that and washing soda for the electrolyte...but from what I read and understand is I will need to book at the same time and have a stirrrert at the same time as I run the Silverton ....

Here is what I am thinking...

Get a hotplate with a stirrer (magnetic?)
...mason jar on the hotplate mix with distilled water and electrolyte.
Boil ...turn on silvertron .keep a boil as low temp as possible...once timer complete...add cinnimon extract (kosher so can't do gelatin) to stabilize.

Let sit to cool

that sound about right or if anyone has a pic of their setup with the silvertron
..I've got v1 ...would be awesome


Cinnimon extract I'm looking to use.

Gelatin is much better.  If you really want to use cinnamon, you would be better off to make your own extract.

For gelatin:
Start with 250ml cold distilled water.
Add 2 grams Knox unflavored gelatin, let sit for 5 minutes.
Heat with stirring to a simmer.... boiling not necessary.
Add 5 drops electrolyte.
Add minimum 5 drops Karo corn syrup.
Start electrolysis.

Note that mason jars are not heat proof, and there is a risk of the jar breaking on a hot plate.

Thanks this will help ...thought it had to reach a consistent boil for some reason...thanks for the info...

I can't do gelatin due to the pork and it not being kosher...unless I could find some pectin as a sub and see how that works ?

O or I can try and find pure beef gelatin


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