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Could Ice Be Used to Deliver Colloidal Silver

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  I was just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on how the 20 ppm Gell Capped colloidal silver in crushed ice form would hold up. It would be great if one could deliver the treatment in a way that they would accept and enjoy. Mixed with fruit in a slushy or maybe a swirl. Or just ice chips in a cup of water or juice. Whatever works.

  About 4 days before Christmas we had 2 grand kids brought over. One had thick green snot & the other one had a fever & cough. And my kids know I'm a germ-a-phobe I had been experimenting with using 20 ppm gel capped colloidal silver ice for a few days before they showed up, just in case. I Also taking about  5000 mg of vitamin C a day for 3 weeks before. My wife was taking nothing. My wife got sick right away & stayed that way for a 6 days before she could see the doctor. I started to give her 20ppm gel capped colloidal silver at 6 oz every 8 hrs for 32hrs before the doctors visit. He prescribed the usual antibios, decongestant & an injection to dry up the head & chest. But buy the time she got home, 2 hours later, she was already getting back to her old chatty self. Just a couple hrs after her 1st antibiotic tablet. I think it was the colloidal silver! My grand daughter was sick starting a couple days earlier. My grandson who has to do everything Papa does, had his sippy cup filled with colloidal silver ice & watered down root beer all day and night just as I did. The next day he way cleared up & has been doing fine! I never got sick from any of the exposure.

  Not scientific at all I know. But no one except my daughter new what was going on. So I figure no placebo effect. It's a good start in my mind. But I'm not qualified in chemistry or the medical field, just in life. But I will wait to do any further testing till I hopefully hear from some of the great minds of this forum. Any tips or suggestions is more than welcome. If you have any suggestions please keep them as simple as possible. This old brain is slow at coming up to speed.
  Happy new year everyone, Bobby

Have you ever noticed that ice cubes from your freezer are clear on the outside and cloudy in the middle?
Thats because the water freezes from the outside first and that pushes the impuities toward the middle.  So the question becomes:  is the gellatin stabilizer strong enough to withstand the increased concentration os silver particles in the center of the ice?

I bet it would.


--- Quote from: wgpeters on December 31, 2015, 10:46:16 AM --- So the question becomes:  is the gellatin stabilizer strong enough to withstand the increased concentration os silver particles in the center of the ice?

I bet it would.

--- End quote ---

How would the increased stability reveal itself in the ice?


I didn't say it would.  I questioned whether it would.


  I have an igloo portable ice maker. Holds about 3 cups of liquid.  The water is pumped into a plastic tray where either, stainless or chrome/nickel plated closed tubes, are hanging into the water. The water actually freezes on the metal out.  And the ice is cloudy & pretty soft. After about 5 minutes the pressure is released or however they it & the isc drops off.  Besides freezing, I wonder if there is any affect on the zeta potential during contact with the metal?  This little machine has increased my intake of water to several glasses a day.  Refrigerator ice just taste bad to me.  Thanks, Bobby


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