Author Topic: Scientific Information on Colloidal Silver  (Read 2011 times)

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Scientific Information on Colloidal Silver
« on: December 07, 2014, 02:47:30 PM »
I came across the following site...

...and especially found the FAQ and the Publications of interest.

It would be interesting if you "experts" in this forum could give some feedback on the statements in the FAQ section there.

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Re: Scientific Information on Colloidal Silver
« Reply #1 on: December 07, 2014, 05:02:08 PM »
There is some good info, and some bad.
For instance, the site says that if you evaporate the water from ionic silver you will get silver hydroxide.  That in fact is wrong, as silver hydroxide is unstable and decomposes to just silver oxide, a different salt.

The site says you have to have atomic absorption photometry equipment to measure the amount of silver.  Thats not true, you can also do a titration with iodine (iodometry) to find out, but most of us don't have that equipment either.

The site also says that you cannot make real high quality colloidal silver with any of the silver generators.  This is totally false.  You can, we can, and we do.  You just have to know the methods and protocols which are very easy once you learn.  My equipment I sell makes perfect colloidal silver, but you don't have to have my machine to do it.  The instructions are here on the forum.

Do you think a site that just sells premade colloidal silver wants you to make your own?  The site you reference does not sell colloidal silver directly, but the person who writes it owns one, the company Purest Colloids that sells Mesa products.  The Mesa products were the only metallic colloidal silver products available when I started the forum or at least that I could find. 
However, I do not believe their claims about their silver.  For instance, their colloidal silver is more orange than yellow, but they claim their particles are 0.65 nm in diameter.  At that diameter, their product should be clear if it were actually possible to make them that small.  So the color does not match their claim.  Then there is the issue of cost.  They want $217 a gallon for something you can make for $2.  I think that's why they want you to believe you cannot make it yourself.

6 years ago when I started this endeavor, just about all the colloidal silver vendors only sold ionic silver.  I think that's all they knew how to make.  Most of them have read at least parts of this forum, and after I started to publish info on the simple techniques to make real colloidal silver, metallic colloidal silver started to show up.  To this day, I can only find ionic silver at the local health food stores.
Colloidal Silver is only a bargain if you make it yourself.